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Too much to translate. Too little time.

Swamped with data in foreign languages, plus tight deadlines and budgets. Sounds familiar? An issue we often hear from prosecutors is the abundance of potential evidence in foreign languages and the limitations of budgeting and deadlines.

How we assist prosecutors in tackling this challenge is what sets International Language Services, Inc. (ILS-NY) apart from other translation companies.

Read on below to find some of the top three concerns we often help our clients with when they are dealing with a huge volume of data to translate.

1. How can you possibly translate 10,000 pages in a week?

You don't. As lucrative as this may be for any translation company, the responsible step is to narrow down the material for translation by trimming unimportant sections and identifying the pertinent portions for translation. By doing this, we typically lowers the cost of translation by 70% and decreases the timeline by over 200%, allowing our clients to successfully meet the deadlines for their translation requirements in a much more efficient way.

2. But how do we know what is in the documents before it is even translated?

Our trained linguists summarize the material, focusing on the pertinent sections. We then forward the summaries to the prosecution team for them to identify the documents needed for full translation. Our translators start working on the full translations while our experts continue summarizing the unfiltered material (implementing any new findings from the attorneys into their summarization process), creating an expedited and yet incredibly thorough translation project.

3. How can we narrow down the material we need without skipping an important piece of evidence?

While our linguistic team is comprised of professionals with various backgrounds and training, including financial, security, law enforcement and legal, they are not alone in this task. Our management team has an active role in case briefings and monitors the work from beginning to end, effectively implementing an ongoing quality control process to identify pertinent information.


Whether you are dealing with a case of labor law violations, or prosecuting gang members or drug traffickers, and regardless of what data management strategy you use, if you are prosecuting foreign language speakers, chances are that pretrial discovery will come up with significant evidence in at least one foreign language (or 30).

How you tackle the challenge of quickly reviewing large amounts of data in foreign languages—within budget and on time—can be the difference between having or lacking a defining piece of evidence or, in the worst of situations, even result in the dismissal of a case or cases not being prosecuted. And crucially, who assists you during this process may be the difference between shedding thousands of dollars to no avail, and optimizing your budget and time efficiently.

It pays off to work with top-tier translation partners; partners who can look beyond the overwhelming and costly piles of documents waiting to be translated, and whose priority is to provide you a wide variety of language solutions that help get you to the finish line. ILS-NY can do this, and much more.

Our team has assisted government agencies for 30+ years, including the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury, Department of Defense, among many others.

If you or someone you know could benefit from working alongside ILS-NY, don't hesitate to contact us!

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