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Each project is unique. So is every ILS-NY estimate. It is vital that we fully understand your needs in order to provide a reliable estimate, so we want to get to know you – and your project. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients that are based on mutual trust, so we don’t provide automated pricing anonymously over the Internet.

1. Tell Us What You Need

To receive a free estimate, please call us or email us to provide us with what language service you need. Depending on the type of project, use the following tips to provide thorough details. We’ll contact you if we need more information and will create an estimate to meet your needs. We understand that you may not have all the details right now, but the more complete your description, the more accurate our estimate.

Interpretation tips: If you have this information, please let us know the following:

- Which language(s) is required?

- Do you need escort, consecutive, or simultaneous interpreting? (For more info on types of interpreting, visit our Interpreting page.) 

- What type of venue will this be (e.g. conference, business meeting, court proceedings, facility tour)?

- Where is the location?

- Will interpreters be required to travel? For example, foreign diplomats visiting agricultural sites on the west coast may be traveling        from California to Oregon during their visit. 

- How many attendees will there be?

- What countries are the attendees from? This information will help us provide you with the right interpreter who will be able to communicate accurately in, for example, Castilian Spanish instead of Argentinian Spanish.

- What subject matter will be discussed?

- How many interpreters will be needed?

- What level of security clearance, if any, is required for the interpreter(s)?

- What dates are the interpreter needed?

- What are the hours per day the interpreters will be needed?

- Will you need us to provide you with any equipment (e.g. sound booths, microphones, etc.)?

- Will background materials (such as pamphlets, schedules, etc.) be made available prior to the requested dates?

Translation tips: If you have this information, please let us know the following:

- What is the source language (language of document to be translated)?

- What is the target language (language to be translated into)?

- What is the subject matter?

- How legible or illegible is the source text (original or fax of a fax of a fax)?

- What is the volume of the work (number of pages, number of words per page)?

- Are there any formatting requirements (such as tables, graphics, desktop publishing, multi-language forms, etc.)?

- In what file format are the original documents (MS Word, Excel, PDF, Adobe InDesign, etc.)?

- Will conversions of currency or measurements be needed (e.g. European dates format changed to American date format)? 

- What is the turnaround time (preferred or absolute)?

- Will any level of security clearance be needed (Public Trust, Sensitive, Secret, or Top Secret)?

Note: To receive the most accurate translation estimate, please e-mail or mail us a copy of the document to be translated. If the document is large, please send between five (5) to ten (10) representative pages. (If you’re comparing bids, be sure to send the exact same pages to each bidder!). If the document is confidential, we’ll be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

If you require a certified translation, please include this information when you request an estimate. There is no additional charge for certification, but it is helpful if we know that certification is required prior to beginning the project.

Transcription tips: If you have this information, please let us know the following:

- What language(s) or dialect(s) are used in the recording?

- Is the recording in a foreign language? If so, will it need to be transcribed in that foreign language and then translated into English? Or will it need to be translated directly into English (or any other language)?

- What is the length of recording (in minutes or hours)?

- What is the recording quality (professional studio, conference equipment, hand-held or bodywire, telephone calls)?

- How many participants speak in the recording?

- what is the subject matter (topic of conference proceedings, professional interview, informal conversation)?

- In what format is the recording (digital/analog, audio/visual)?

- What is the turnaround time for the transcription to be completed?

- Will any level of security clearance be needed (Public Trust, Sensitive, Secret, or Top Secret)?

2. In-House Review

After reviewing your requirements, one of our project managers will contact you via email to obtain any additional information needed to prepare the estimate. Depending on your project’s complexity, we’ll e-mail your estimate within 1 to 24 hours. (Estimates for highly complex projects may take longer to prepare.)

3. Project Begins

After reviewing our estimate, just email us your signed authorization to proceed and we’ll get started immediately. Your estimate will be valid for 30 days.


Thanks! Message sent.



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