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For the Recorded Word

The process of creating a transcription involves making a precise written copy of any recorded conversation. Whether the conversation is in English or a foreign language, our transcriptionists are trained in capturing every word uttered by the speakers, ensuring a perfect written record of anything that is said. The accuracy of these transcriptions is extraordinarily important to our clients who may, for instance, require a verbatim record of meeting minutes. Our transcriptions are also effectively used for law enforcement purposes, where they can have both the foreign language and its translation within one document, or only the English translation of the recording. 


• Business: Corporate histories, seminars, meetings, focus groups, client presentations.
• Law Enforcement: Title III monitoring, analysis, and transcription.
• Legal: Depositions, court proceedings, trials.
• Media: Interviews, press conferences, documentaries.
• Medical: Physician/Patient conferences, medical symposiums.


Verbatim Transcript: A very precise record of every word spoken in the original language. The record includes false starts, as well as speech and grammatical errors. This service is used by government agencies for investigative and evidentiary purposes.

Edited Transcript: A polished, accurate rendition of the content of the conversation in the original language. This type of transcription ignores false starts (“um” and “ah”) and corrects speech and grammatical errors to provide a smooth flow. It is most appropriate for corporate histories and media interviews for publication.

Translated Transcript: If the completed transcript is in a foreign language, a linguist translates the original foreign language into English. Generally, the foreign language transcript appears in one column, while the English translation appears on another column alongside the foreign language.



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