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For the Written Word

International Language Services, Inc. provides accurate and complete translations of any document from and into more than 125 languages and dialects. Our hands-on project managers, all linguists in their own right, oversee every stage of the translation process and follow rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that the final translation fully satisfies your needs. Our project managers are available whenever you have a question or issue and respond promptly and flexibly to changes in scope.

We regularly process confidential, sensitive, and classified information and, upon request, provide certified translations that meet the standards of local, state, federal, and foreign government agencies.


• Advertising
• Banking
• Corporate
• Defense
• Engineering
• Homeland Security
• International Development
• Legal
• Marketing
• Medical
• Law Enforcement
• Technology
• Video and Multi-Media


ILS-NY maintains an international network of more than 10,000 part-time and full-time professional translators and editors. Our linguists are highly educated, with areas of specialization ranging from law enforcement to nuclear disarmament. ILS-NY’s language specialists possess an average of ten years of professional translation experience.



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